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Is Renal Bladder Ultrasound Necessary in Monosymptomatic Primary Nocturnal Enuresis? A Case Control Study

Soheila Siroosbakht 1 and Bijan Rezakhaniha 2 , *
Authors Information
1 Department of Pediatrics, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
2 Department of Urology, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Article information
  • Journal of Comprehensive Pediatrics: November 2018, 9 (4); e69006
  • Published Online: November 21, 2018
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Received: March 31, 2018
  • Revised: July 3, 2018
  • Accepted: August 19, 2018
  • DOI: 10.5812/compreped.69006

To Cite: Siroosbakht S, Rezakhaniha B. Is Renal Bladder Ultrasound Necessary in Monosymptomatic Primary Nocturnal Enuresis? A Case Control Study, J Compr Ped. 2018 ; 9(4):e69006. doi: 10.5812/compreped.69006.

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1. Background
2. Methods
3. Results
4. Discussion
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