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Research Article
Zahra Shahraki, Zohre Sadat Hashemi Bonjar, Forough Forghani, Rezvane Nakhai
Pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting or morning sickness with an overall prevalence rate of 80% is commonly appeared at the eighth week and frequently disappeared in most pregnant females at the 16th week of gestation. The severe form of the condition named hyperemesis occurs in one per 200 ... read more
Research Article
Parsa Yousefichaijan, Fatemeh Dorreh, Elahe Ziaei, Abdolghader Pakniyat
Gastroenteritis is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality among children, and it accounts for 18% of childhood death. Conducting laboratory tests is challenging for these patients, and the validity of the laboratory studies in treatment and prognosis is in question.This study aimed to investigate ... read more
Research Article
Zahra Pirzadeh, Mehri Jamshidi, Mohsen Mollamohammadi
Acute poisoning in children (APC) is a preventable cause of pediatric emergency visits. Patterns of acute poisoning in children are different in various regions and times.The aim of this study was to assess the epidemiology of acute poisoning in children, who were referred to the emergency department ... read more
Research Article
Parsa Yousefichaijan, Aziz Eghbali, Mohammad Rafiei, Hasan TaherAhmadi, Abdolghader Pakniyat
Acute kidney injury (AKI) due to hypovolemia and gastroenteritis is still a common disease, especially among children in developing countries. The risk, injury, failure, loss, and end-stage renal disease (RIFLE) classification is used as the estimated indicator of outcomes and incidence of AKI. Leukocytosis may be seen ... read more
Research Article
Viatcheslav V. Berezhnoi, Marianne Heger, Walter Lehmacher, Georg Seifert
Acute tonsillopharyngitis is amongst the most common reasons for children, adolescents and young adults to consult with a physician. Despite extensive prescription, antibiotic therapy is indicated in less than one-fifth of these cases. New treatment strategies for patients with non-group-A-streptococcal acute tonsillopharyngitis are therefore required.EPs 7630 is ... read more
Research Article
Nastaran Khosravi, Farhad Abolhasan Choobdar, Nasrin Khalesi, Arash Bordbar, Bagher Larijani, Zahra Arab, Mitra Nourbakhsh
Ghrelin is a pleiotropic hormone that regulates feeding and energy balance and stimulates growth hormone release. Ghrelin also exerts developmental and organizational effects during prenatal life.The aim of this study was to determine ghrelin levels in cord blood of small for gestational age (SGA) infants and its ... read more
Brief Report
Jun Aoyagi, Takahiro Kanai, Takane Ito, Jun Odaka, Takashi Saito, Hiroyuki Betsui, Takanori Yamagata
We evaluated the effect of glucocorticoids (GCs) on bone strength via bone mineral density (BMD) scores and serum alkaline phosphatase (S-ALP) levels in children with idiopathic steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome (ISSNS) or IgA nephropathy (IgAN).Sixteen children with ISSNS and 13 with IgAN were eligible for this study. The ... read more
Case Report
Mojtaba Vahid Golpayegani, Hossein Behnia, Mahvareh Akhgar Araghi, Ghassem Ansari
Factor XIII deficiency is a relatively rare hereditary bleeding disorder, which is usually found during infancy or early childhood. This condition may involve both genders within different races in an equal manner. Its incidence is estimated at approximately 1 in 106 live births. Patients with factor XIII ... read more

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